HAWAII KAI GOPHER LLC - running errands to save you time & energy
50% off your first delivery

Submit an inquiry through my "Contact Us" page and be automatically entered for my monthly drawing.  The winner will receive a FREE standard delivery in January 2018!  Perfect way to save time and energy by having your HAWAII KAI GOPHER help you with getting all your last minute items for the holidays!

Save time and energy…by having HAWAII KAI GOPHER help you prepare for the busy holiday season.  This year your HAWAII KAI GOPHER helped a couple with their annual house party so they could spend time with their guests, not with their kitchen!  I've also helped a Senior purchase grocery items for her out-of-town guests.

Your HAWAII KAI GOPHER creates and delivers themed gift baskets!  I've been making customized baskets for six years and have the connections to get you your money's worth.  Need a last minute item for a home cooked meal?  Your HAWAII KAI GOPHER will save you time & energy so you can focus on other things!  What would you do with and extra hour or two for yourself?

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Want to help a friend out as they're covering from an illness or injury?  Think HAWAII KAI GOPHER!  I can provide gift certificates and customize baskets at any dollar amount you choose.

Your Hawaii Kai Gopher has pulled over on the side of the road many times to help Seniors bring in their trash cans from the curb.  If you know of a Senior on the East side that insists on doing this dangerous task, please contact me so I can do this as a free service.  It will not only prevent a horrible fall, but could possibly prevent strangers from targeting their home for a break in.

Save time and energy by purchasing your Hawaii Kai Gopher's Emergency Preparedness Kit.  They are custom made based on what you prefer.
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Do you know any business owner in East Oahu who would want added FREE exposure on my website or Facebook page?  Your HAWAII KAI GOPHER selects a "Merchant of the Month" and will feature the owner and/or support staff with a short description of their services!  Send us an inquiry through our "Contact Us" page.

With many ways to save you time and energy,
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