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Your HAWAII KAI GOPHER is a locally owned business.  Born and raised on the island of O'ahu, I love supporting other small business owners that I have personally worked with and have an excellent reputation.

If you're searching for health and happiness, give April a call regarding her Amare products.  Would you like to live a happier and healthier life? Would you like to feel less stressed, have more energy, and get better sleep? Amare Global, the Mental Wellness Company, would like to help you achieve that. Amare’s Fundamentals Pack just qualified as a Finalist for the NutrAward 2018 for Best New Finished Product with a Functional Ingredient. Check out these testimonials from people who have experienced life-changing results with Amare:

“MEMORY LOSS, FATIGUE & MISDIAGNOSED HYPOTHYROIDISM. I have been down so many rabbit holes and misdiagnosis trying to figure out what was wrong with me. Thyroid, adrenal fatigue, out of whack hormones, cognitive repair … you name it, I have been down that path. You know, Google and all. I made the dietary changes. I cut out sugar, dairy, gluten and white carbs. I went Paleo. Then Keto with an emphasis on plant based fats. I even started my day with MCT coffee. None of which helped me feel better. I still couldn’t remember anything or think straight.
About a week into the 3 day reboot + Fundamentals. I started noticing big shifts. My head felt clearer, I could remember what I was about to say or do, my energy levels kicked back in 100%, my overall outlook on life felt way more positive, I was sleeping better. 
Then the weight started to fall off unexpectedly. I kid you not, I haven’t been able to get my weight to budge at all over the past couple of years. I am down 11 lbs and its still coming off … and without exercise. I have only been back to the gym once since getting back from vacation at the end of August. Shhh don't tell anyone. It’s amazing what can happen to your body when you address the root cause of your symptoms. Everything else heals itself like our bodies were intended to do. Thank you Amare.” J.J., Austin, TX

“ACID REFLUX, GASTRITIS, ISCHEMIC COLITIS, DIGESTIVE DISORDERS. My Amare journey started when I had an emergency colonoscopy which revealed a number of digestive disorders. I went to ER bleeding from an unknown source and was diagnosed with a number of gut ailments. My GI doctor recommended the best pharmaceutical medication to manage the pain from my burning esophagus to the nightly stomach pains from acid reflux. Unfortunately, I was allergic to the medication and had an anaphylactic response! Therefore, I was unable to take the best known medication to manage my illness. When a dear friend mentioned that she was interested in a new business from Amare which involved natural products based on cutting-edge research on improving wellness through creating a healthy gut system, I was all ears! I was willing to try anything! After Rebooting, taking the Fundamentals, Probiotics, Energy and Digestive for a few days, I immediately felt relief from throat pain and nightly gastric pain! In addition, I am a caregiver to my 96 year old mom, who has dementia. Caregiving had made me so exhausted and tired at the end of each day, that I would be falling asleep half way through my dinner! Since taking Amare, I have so much more energy and stamina to help my mom through the evening! Mood has given me more calm, love, and patience in dealing the stress of caring for her daily needs. I have also been giving my mom Fundamentals, Probiotic and Energy. Though her dementia is progressing and irreversible, she is more alert, aware, and tries to be more communicative with others. She used to doze off often with a glazed-eye look. She now seems more focused and more aware of her surroundings. Her OT and PT were so amazed at the positive change! Amare products are truly life changing! Thank you Amare!” D.S., Honolulu, HI

If you are a small to medium business that would like to have a FREE listing on my website, please contact me at hawaiikaigopher@gmail.com

During the New Year, its common for people to set goals.  Most times those new goals require more time.  This is where an experienced errand runner with integrity can help!  This year will mark my seventh year in business.  With aggressive copycats claiming to have the same duration and experience, my testimonials on this website, Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook are proof that my passion is to help you save time and energy, especially for our Seniors.

I would love to meet with like-minded business owners and connect them with my clients!