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Your HAWAII KAI GOPHER is not the only local business that saves you time and alleviates stress!  I personally know Nancy Nino of ALOHA ORGANIZERS and highly recommend her services =)

Aloha Organizers help people get organized so they can do what they were born to do.  Clients call Aloha Organizers because they have a problem. They have had a major life change (a death, a birth, a marriage, a move).  They need help putting their life back into order after this change. Or, they call them because they may have never learned how to organize in the first place. They feel the disorganization is holding them back.  Aloha Organizers help clients organize specific areas of their life (space, time, mind).  Ultimately they help people have less stress, more time, and greater JOY! 
Whether you need help organizing your home spaces, your office space, or even your paperwork and important estate documents, Aloha Organizers is your go-to resource for all things organization.
Contact owner Nancy at info@alohaorganizers.com or at 808-347-7480 for additional information.  Log on to their website at www.alohaorganizers.com to sign up for their free Tip-Pack: 33 Simple Ways To Organize Your Life!
Nancy Nino
Organizer + Realtor Associate = Home Life Specialist
Less Stress * More Time * Greater JOY!
Tel: (808) 347-7480

While you're working on getting organized with Nancy, let HAWAII KAI GOPHER run your errands to save you time and energy!  Avoid looking for parking, impulse buying, and standing in long lines.  Mahalo.