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HAWAII KAI GOPHER is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations as the best errand service in Honolulu.
My previous work experiences go hand in hand with my business!  Let me give you a short background about myself.  Hi, I am Adele Kuge, owner of HAWAII KAI GOPHER LLC.  Prior to registering my business in August 2011, I was a research study coordinator at a local children's hospital.  My multi-tasking skills and attention to detail will certainly assist in carrying out your requests correctly!  Previous to that position, I held laboratory related jobs for 15 years and obtained my ASCP certification as a microbiologist.  With my science background, I know how important it is to keep refrigerated and frozen items at their correct temperatures. Before receiving my biology degree at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, I was employed at a local pet store for ten years...I absolutely love animals!
What inspired me to start HAWAII KAI GOPHER?  Friends and relatives would often say how lucky "Bachan" and "Jichan" were to have us around.  We moved in with them in 1997 to keep them company, feel safe & secure, and do little tasks such as changing hearing aid batteries or fixing the remote control because they accidentally pressed another button.  Assisting Seniors through my patience and understanding comes naturally.

I started noticing how stressed other people appeared as they stood in the grocery line with toddlers, circled for parking at the post office, or how they struggled just to get out of their car.  Although I would have preferred to have kept a "9 to 5" job as steady income, I realized the satisfaction of helping others was worth the gamble!  Please read some of my adventures on Hawaii Kai Gopher's Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.
Where Can I "Go-pher" You?  With various ways to save you time and energy, you'll be less stressed...enjoy an hour or two doing more important things!  Think of me as your very own personal assistant.
Your HAWAII KAI GOPHER is contracted with Wholefoods Kahala, Kailua, and Queen, former President of The East Oahu Breakfast Club, and sat on the Board of Directors for the East Oahu Chamber of Commerce.  I was also the recipient of Kahala Nui's 2018 Business Partner of the Year.

With a few grocery delivery services recently incorporated errands to their business, your HAWAII KAI GOPHER is the most reliable and detail oriented:
  • Other Oahu errand companies hire "quantity" whereas I provide "quality"
  • Sole proprietors who say they are island wide sacrifice reliability and timeliness.
  • I have local connections, provide better discounts, and have built a reputation that goes far beyond Yelp.  I currently have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.  I kindly ask that you take a look at my social media posts as evidence of my services which include, but not limited to:
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Grocery deliveries
Senior assistance
Prescription pick ups
Pet sitting
Personal shopping
USPS, UPS, and FedEx
Holiday meal deliveries

If you were to call Times Kahala, Foodland Farms Aina Haina, or Safeway Hawaii Kai, they would most likely recommend your HAWAII KAI GOPHER for Oahu grocery deliveries!

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me.  I'll be the best errand runner in the 808 state for your gopher requests.