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"Dear Adele, I was very surprised and greatly appreciative of your remembering a product that I use regularly during one of your recent shopping visits for me, and even though that item wasn’t on my then recent list, you recognized it as a regular purchase and used your own Costco coupon to get it while the coupon was still valid, and then providing me with the product at the discounted price the next time I ordered it.  That was remarkably thoughtful of you, giving me benefit of the savings.  It proved to be just another very valid reason why I enjoy your shopping services. The savings for your customers could go a long way to reducing all their shopping costs, which is very thoughtful of you.  Thanks Adele, I look forward to seeing your cheery face at my door again soon."

-Patrick D. (Kahala)

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-"S. Arakaki" (Kahala Nui)

“Adele, of Hawaii Kai Gopher, is simply wonderful, and I highly recommend her!! I have asked numerous errands of her, and each time she will take the initiative to make sure that everything is completed to perfection! She is detail oriented, very thorough and oh-so-very pleasant to work with! Given the time she spends on each request, her fees are extremely reasonable considering the amount of time and effort it saves me.”

-Carol A. (Aina Haina)

"I give Adele the absolute highest recommendation. We live in a very fast paced world, many of us are always on the go while we have loved ones at home that could really use some help, whether it's a random errand or an important prescription that needs to be picked up. If you live in the Hawaii Kai area, you owe it to yourself to give her a try."

-Edwin M. (Mariner's Ridge)

"Adele has exceeded our expectations by being flexible, quick, trustworthy and resourceful. Her lovely personality makes her wonderful to work with."

-Connie C. (Kalama Valley)

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 -Mae Y. (Koko Head)

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-Linda K. (Hawaii Kai)

"Hawaii Kai Gopher has become an invaluable service to my grandmother.  With her recent mobility issues, it's been increasingly difficult for her to walk to the grocery store and run her errands.   Adele has provided me such a peace of mind knowing that my grandmother is brought foods that she loves and any other household items that she may need.  It's been difficult to find good services such as this living on the mainland, but Adele has exceeded my expectations.  She is proactive, reliable, and just lovely to work with.  Thank you!"

-Suzanne E. (Seattle, WA)

"I'd like to say how happy I am with your services, you have been nothing short of professional and excited to help me with delivering my gifts during the busy holiday season. I definitely see this as a great business opportunity for you, to perhaps expand the business and coverage area, since I'm sure there is a great need for your services everywhere. Your cooperation, honesty, and enthusiasm to make my gift idea special was a pleasure to experience and I would be happy to refer you to friends and work with you again in the future!"

-Dion D. (Los Angeles, CA)

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-Noelle G. (Carlsbad, CA)

"I have been using the services of the Hawaii Kai Gopher for several years in many different capacities with the same results in every task, superb!  The gopher has been my personal shopper.  She found perfect gifts for my 98 year old friend all in her favorite colors.  She has also shopped for a housewarming gift and an anniversary gift for some special friends.  She will pick the perfect accompanying card and gift wrap too! she also put together an “aloha box” for me with goodies from Hawaii for a friend and shipped it to Maryland.  With a Hawaiian santa Christmas card of course.she took my priceless handmade Hawaiian quilt to the dry cleaner to get an estimate on cleaning.and.. gopher ordered and picked up food I needed for a party.  She put together party favors and everything is delivered right on schedule.  That’s the other thing about gopher.  You can set your watch by her.  When she gives you a delivery date and time, you can bet she’ll be there.  She picked up a lei for me and has done umpteen drugstore runs and every other gopher task you can think of.  She also uses coupons to save you money and uses her many contacts to get you the best possible product.  She is the greatest person just to be friends with.  I consider meeting the gopher a true blessing as she has made life easier.  She even delivered medicine to me within an hour which would have taken two hours with the van.  I am a person with a disability and have very limited mobility so you can understand why the Hawaii Kai Gopher is so important to making my life easy."

-Karen K. (Hawaii Kai Retirement)

I have worked with Adele for years both for regular errands as well as house-sitting.  When you are out of the state or even the country, it can be worrisome if you don’t have someone tending to your house.  Whether picking up mail, watering plants, or even turning off my hot water heater, Adele is always there for me to watch over my little hale when I am away. She has such a can-do attitude and a heart to serve.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve called her from the airport and said… “Adele…I need you.”  You can trust her to take great care of your house and to do your errands with efficiency and excellence.  Hawaii Kai Gopher to the rescue!

-Nancy N. (Kaimuki)

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-Roy I. (Hawaii Kai)

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-G.K.R. (Kahala Nui)

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